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Yiddish Radio


About "the Yiddish Radio Project"

In the early 1990s  radio reporter/documentarian Andy Lanset introduced me to the idea of researching and documenting  Yiddish radio.  In 1995,  we were joined by Dave Isay of  "Sound Portraits Productions"  (now "StoryCorps") which oversaw the creation of the 10 part series on NPR's All Things Considered in the spring of 2002 and winning that year's Peabody Award.

Click the button below to view the recovered/reconstituted "Yiddish Radio Project" website augmented with the original NPR broadcast segments. (Thanks to Raphael Halff for reconstructing / recovering the YRP site.)


About the Yiddish Radio collection
at the library of congress

When the radio series ended, I looked into depositing what had grown into some 10,000 items and over 2,000 sound recordings in an open-access library and / or archives.  And, while I received several offers from Jewish facilities,  I wanted the materials to be viewed within a broader context of diverse American culture and history, and thanks to the American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress, the materials are now part of their outstanding and revered collection.


I will be posting and annotating broadcasts and contextual materials from the collection regularly. ​

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